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Belle Haven – You, Me and Everything In Between (Greyscale) 2017


A brilliantly accomplished, well written and produced album. The pain of waiting for this to come along will pay off exponentially with each listen, each goosebump and each singalong.  Continue reading Belle Haven – You, Me and Everything In Between (Greyscale) 2017


Deadlights – Mesma (Greyscale Records) 2017


Once in a while a band pops up that offers something a little different along with a healthy dose of what you already like . Deadlights are that band and some. Continue reading Deadlights – Mesma (Greyscale Records) 2017

DIYFS – Greyscale Records


Have you ever wondered why some bands go unnoticed or unsigned despite your firm belief that they are actually freaking awesome and deserving of some kind of leg –up? Ever been to a show and seen an artist who just blew you away..only to learn that no body is helping put out their music? Ash and Josh did. So they started Greyscale Records. Continue reading DIYFS – Greyscale Records