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Hadal Maw – Idolatry (single) 2018


  1. Just so you know the future of Australian heavy music is in good hands.

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Gravemind – Lifelike (single) 2018


Heavy AF tune from a band that is entertaining a whole range of new idea’s and manages to squeeze em into nearly 4 minutes. Its an onslaught. It’s overwhelming. Continue reading Gravemind – Lifelike (single) 2018

Rachel Maria Cox – Emotionally Untidy (single) 2017


The first new music from the RMC camp since last years ‘I Just Have a Lot of Feelings’ ep, and this tune features much more of a rock-band vibe than the previously established clean & jangly guitars involved with Rachels indie-pop approach in earlier songs. Perhaps this is the natural flow on effect of gigging with a full-band lineup and building up a national profile as an artist. Whatever the case, im a fan. Continue reading Rachel Maria Cox – Emotionally Untidy (single) 2017

Drown This City – Bend/Break (single) 2017


Well..if this isn’t a welcome step up for Drown This City! The new single ‘Bend/Break’ sounds better from a production value angle as well as song writing. Perfect. Pardon me waiter..we’ll order 9 more of these please to go, no more appetisers. Thanks.

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