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Straya Drive – Kink Guitar Pedals

IMG_5910Twin channel distortion with the most bogan aussie artwork ever. Love it. Continue reading Straya Drive – Kink Guitar Pedals


Absolution Fuzz – Kink Effects


The first rule of fuzz is: whatever works for one player will most likely repel another. As a result there are heaps of different fuzz based effects on the market. I clicked with this one. Continue reading Absolution Fuzz – Kink Effects

Its the end of the year as we know it..

What a year.

What a huge year.

So many things happened, so much new ground, history and monumental changes. Also..a lot of sick music made it’s way to our earholes. I have collected what were the 10 most impacting releases that I spent time with over 2017.

They might not have been the biggest, most hyped or recognised releases across music media this year, it’s just my opinion. Continue reading Its the end of the year as we know it..


So sometime around 2015 while talking with a bunch of other people who all hung out on the same math/post rock fb group. I found a slew of really cool Aus bands who were putting out some really interesting stuff. Among those that I got linked that I really enjoyed were a couple of Melbourne bands. One which was a gtr and drums trio making imaginative non cliché’d huge post etc sounds and another guitar and drum duo which was like dirty three with blast beats and SUNN O))) guitar swarms. These bands both seemed to put out these killer records around a similar time and I really enjoyed both albums when I heard them, which left me hoping they’d put out some more stuff to sink my teeth into. Fortunately they banded together and shared the cost of a 7 inch record to do just that. Continue reading GOODBYE ENEMY AIRSHIP/WARPIGS – Split 7″

HINTERLANDT – Ode To Doubt (2017)

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Hey all, so for today’s review we have the mesmeric new release from Sydney Post Chamber outfit, Hinterlandt!

This latest release “Ode to Doubt”, follows on from the 2016 release “ensemble” and continues on with the current format of Hinterlandt as a 4 piece ensemble of guitar, horns, percussion and strings. With the lovely welcome addition of vocals across a couple of the tracks. Continue reading HINTERLANDT – Ode To Doubt (2017)


2K16 Has had some cracker releases, it took a lot of thinking over the weekend after we got asked to do this as to what I really wanted to put in here and I think I’m pretty happy where we ended up.

Eyes more skulls than eyes – Plague

So I heard about this project through them playing with Space Bong out of Adelaide and honestly it’s just fucking genius aye. Firmly rooted in the dirgey nightmarishness of its influences. EMSTE went further to put some of the most forward thinking and multi-coloured sounding drone metal to come out this year.

Intrinsic Light – One Continuous Mistake

Thee mighty Intrinsic Light! Next to S.I.X , this was probably my most listened to release of this year. If you don’t know anything about this band check them out cuz they’re the fucking best, self-classified as “transcendental black metal”, on this album Intrinsic light display their ability to create a truly Hypnotic space.

Hashshashin – nihsahshsaH

As I said in my review this was an album i was definitely hanging out to hear when hash dropped it and i’m glad I did cuz it was probably one of most satisfying albums to come out this year. Esoterically and musically as far as the whole post/prog/whatever scene in australia goes they’re leaps and bounds ahead of everything.

Matt Malone – S.I.X

If I had to pick a favourite record of the year, this would probably be it. Doomy blackened country/post rock tat brings to mind bands like swans or current 93. The real selling points here is just how meticulously crafted every element of this record is. The lyrics are amazing, the energy from each player that’s captured is just ridiculous. Just so excellent.

Plasmodium – Entheognosis

Plasmodium is a pretty fuckin’ unique metal band. Their identities are largely a mystery which seems to be an aesthetic based choice, kinda like portal. And like portal their music is just immense and legitimately daunting. Entheognosis is an hour of just macabre nightmarish black metal totally devoid all lame metal dreck.

Anxiety – S/T

Haha so this is actually the only non aus release on my list other than Tim Hecker which I guess is pretty cool. Anyways, this release just rips. Snarling obnoxious lo fi hardcore punk that pays homage to some pretty classic sounds. Fans of any of the other bands on La Vida like Dawn of Humans or NO will get what i’m talking about. Just a total gem.

Blasarius Yonder – Dead Air

Blasarius Yonder put out multiple releases this year and they’re all fantastic but this was probably my favourite. Hazy glitched out shoegaze inspired electronic ambient music similar to Tim Hecker or Ben Frost.

Tim Hecker – Love Streams

The way this record seemed to be received was bewildering to me. Some people expected it to be more in the veins of his albums like ravedeath or virgins and seemed really apprehensive to how “synthey” and voice based the album was. Honestly i’ve listened to this like 50 times and its just so awesome on every level. The fact that Hecker’s progression from hazy ambient has become so focused on cool shifting rhythmic pulses and icy textures is just awesome. It’s like what listening to Steve Reich must have been for people in the early 80’s.

Birds – S/T

Bird’s debut release was one I heard earlier this year and it’s something thats still getting a listen every few weeks. A DIY punk take on  improvised guitar/pedal ambience similar to Loren O’connor’s or Fennesz that’s just so masterful in its ability to make truly beautiful sounds without even a shred of bombast.

Religious Observance – Boiling Excrement

So i’ve been meaning to review this for ages (sorry sean 😦 ). But regardless, next to plasmodium this is one of the best heavy releases this year. Crusty misanthropic noothgrush style sludge ridden with clever and forward thinking sample usage and some the most grating noise parts you could hope to hear on a album like it. Forgive the lame cliche but it’s dead set what most sludge bands wish they sounded like.

Other noteworthy mentions

Diploid – Is God Up There?

Skin Prison – 2k16 Demo

Tangents – Stateless

Bunyip – Skunge

Ghost Skull – Who is The God of Dead Children?