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The Last Martyr – Creatrix (2019)


A refreshing and promising offering from a band I want to hear more from. Continue reading The Last Martyr – Creatrix (2019)


Reside – The Light You Saw EP (2019)


Well this is just awesome. Take a serve of ‘pop punk’, combine with one part ‘post-hardcore’ and roll it in ‘emo’. Let it rest for 12 months or more and serve. Continue reading Reside – The Light You Saw EP (2019)

Reside – Closing Doors EP (2017)


ClosingDoors_EP_Artwork_Press.jpgFrom the opening howls of ‘Fidelity’ and its melodic guitar searing behind it, I was instantly entranced. There’s an equal amount of melodic hardcore and punk rock to this that has my mind recalling the best moments of Set Your Goals and Citizen’s earlier work. Continue reading Reside – Closing Doors EP (2017)

Carl W Jackson – Just Another Number pt.1 (2017)

a4247240055_10Pop-driven rock tunes that get you singing along without that awful taste of over-produced commercial saturation are hard to find. Luckily Carl can literally just sweat them out with a bit of elbow grease and a microphone. Continue reading Carl W Jackson – Just Another Number pt.1 (2017)

Cloud Tangle – Pocket (EP) 2017


Amber has too much time on her hands. The beautiful and restrained melancholy is captured across 8 pieces of slow ambient music filled with reverb, delicate guitars, shimmering cymbals and minimalist drums, swelling bass and droning keys. Continue reading Cloud Tangle – Pocket (EP) 2017