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DIYFS – Ellen Kirkwood

So after having my brain scrambled by the release of [A]part by Ellen Kirkwood and the Sirens Big Band, I had to get in touch and learn more all about it. Here’s how that played out. Continue reading DIYFS – Ellen Kirkwood


Charlie Fuzz – Kink Guitar Pedals


One knob, one footswitch, two homicidal glowing red eyes and a lot of noise.

Welcome to the simplest weapon of fuzz destruction from Kink Guitar Pedals: The Charlie Fuzz. Continue reading Charlie Fuzz – Kink Guitar Pedals

DIYFS – Garage Guitars

25358455_1742478749115911_2610435599243001345_oWhilst scrolling through my feed I came across a beautiful Telecaster for sale in Victoria  (not the one pictured) from a guy who made it himself. I was immediately intrigued and decided to ‘follow’ his page to see what else he had. The range and styles on offer was impressive enough but what made this so much cooler was how the materials selected were actually recycled. That’s right, the wood, the most integral part wasn’t being spewed out of a factory or production line, but found and re-used. I had to know more! Continue reading DIYFS – Garage Guitars

Talk Less: A decade of D.I.Y. by Lesstalk Records


‘Talk Less’ is a book available both in print and digital format which chronicles 10 years of the dedicated underground DIY label in Australia. It’s filled with candid and intense photos of shows, living rooms, laneways and garages getting filled with people, music, art and being torn apart!

You probably weren’t there. It wasn’t a big deal. The shows, these releases and artists aren’t trying to get all the attention. They aren’t necessarily trying to break through. They’re trying to be relevant and honest. So this book documents how Matheson and his people brought it all into being via that same organic zero-bullshit way. Continue reading Talk Less: A decade of D.I.Y. by Lesstalk Records

DIYFS: Swords Down – A history of emo in Australia*

(*it’s also a great song by Purplene)

So here’s an answer for the question ’what bands should I start listening to?’ WITHOUT the judgement you’d expect from elite scenesters and keyboard warriors. Take it from someone who was around when these bands were, this is where you start. Continue reading DIYFS: Swords Down – A history of emo in Australia*

DIYFS: Kink Guitar Effects


The DIY/boutique pedal scene continues to grow with the internet opening up opportunities for local builders to enter into the market. They ride a healthy trend of attention from local and global buyers on facebook groups and pages and Melbourne based ‘Kink Guitar effects’ is turning some heads! Meet Mark..he makes fuzz pedals. Really good ones. Continue reading DIYFS: Kink Guitar Effects



Digging through gumtree looking at gear…I came across a really cool looking pedal and noticed it was handmade in Melbourne and put it on my ‘watch list’ which should actually be called the ‘cant afford but still want it list’. I later discovered through a recommendation that the pedal belonged to a builder who was based locally (to me) and is making amps, pedals and mods from home.. so naturally I had to get in touch!!

So world.. meet MEDOR! Continue reading DIYFS – MEDOR Amps

DIYFS – DCB Pedals

980820_1718314978400338_4147864227880423142_oIt’s no secret that we love DIY’ers. Whenever someone lists a local pedal maker on a forum, tags one in a facebook thread or wherever it may be, it’s always worth a look. One such internet click recently led me to a page for DCB pedals from Ipswich (QLD) and I got in touch to ask Joe a few questions about the whole operation. Continue reading DIYFS – DCB Pedals